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The Big 3!

Today, my baby girl is three years old!
And she is THRILLED!
Based on her excitement level, you’d think she’s been waiting for this birthday for much more than a year 🙂

My tiny, 25-pound firecracker.

The child who can expertly push my buttons, and also melt me with a kiss.

So fearless, that I’m amazed we haven’t had to make any trips to the E.R. with her…yet.

She is incredible. And I am honored to be her “mama”.

Happy birthday, Bekah-boo!

Time for a Pinterest Post!

I’ve started the year off with a lack of ideas for blogging! Actually, that’s not really true – there is a lot going on, just none of it seems blog-worthy. So, I thought I’d highlight some recent pins from pinterest…that’s always fun!
Before I get to that, here’s a general update on our lives:
Zachary just started YMCA basketball, and is in the second semester of Cubbies. He loves both. We’re still homeschooling, and he continues to soak it up like a sponge!
Rebekah is becoming quite the singer – she knows many songs by heart and belts them out in the car at the top of her lungs. She has several dolls that she spends her days playing mommy to – she just informed me one was named “baby Limbaugh” – that was a proud day for this conservative Mama! 🙂 She also is DYING to start dance classes…we’re going to have to get her signed up soon!
Tyler has been busy moving playing musical rooms for the kids. We did have them sharing the big bonus room, but decided to put them back in separate rooms for many reasons. So he has gotten the pleasure of moving all the heavy furniture. He also just finished building shelves for one of the closets downstairs – which has helped organize that closet sooo much better!
I have been busy with working out, homeschooling, adoption paperwork, and several other projects bouncing around in my head. I am trying to put together the 21 day prayer challenge for our daughters so that we can start soon, and I am starting to seriously consider a photography business – which would be a whole new set of challenges.
Our adoption is moving along – we have to make our first big payment this month, and then we will be “active” in the program. We’ve received more information on the child we are interested in, which has been good. We’re just praying now and waiting for the next step. I wish I could share more about this little boy, but I am not allowed to until he’s officially ours.
Anyway, that’s our life in a nutshell right now. Now, on to pinterest! Here are some of my pins from my Home Decor board – love ’em!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Our old house’s entryway immediately opened up into the living room – there wasn’t really any division – I thought this was a great solution – 3 cabinets attached together and creates a separate entryway.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I love the idea of a dutch door for our backdoor – it would be wonderful to have the top half open when the kids are playing back there. Plus, I just love the look.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I am a sucker for quotes, lyrics, you name it. To have meaningful lyrics from a song on canvas would be so awesome! Now to try to choose a song…LOL!

This will be the accent wall in our master bedroom – love the stencil. Just wondering how many hours it will take.

I had never considered having a fireplace painted a dark color – they are always white! What do you think? I would be scared to try this, but I like how it turned out in this room!

Well, have a great day! I’ll be posting more about the 21-day challenge soon!

Spoken Lately…

Me: “Breakfast is ready, bud.”
Zach: “No, mommy, it’s breakfast is served.”

Zach: “Grandpa, why are you old?”
Grandpa: “What makes you think I’m old?”
Zach: “You’re a different color.”

Me (in the grocery store): “Rebekah, you need to be quiet, and have a good attitude.”
Rebekah: “But mom, girls can be angry any time they want to.”
Me: “Umm, No.”

Zach: “Lots of silly things come out of Japanese boxes.”
Tyler: “What?”
Zach: “A lot of silly things come out of those Japanese boxes.”
~long pause~
Tyler: “You mean Jack-in-the-boxes?”
Zach: “Yep.”


You’d Think…

You’d think I’d be confused by my daughter pretty regularly. But after awhile, it just becomes common place, and I hardly flinch at the weirdness 🙂 But I need to write it down here so that I can remember it later to prove to her that she was definitely crazy weird.

Rebekah brought me a candle that she shouldn’t have. I told her to put it back where she got it. She looked at me and said, “Mom, are you cute? Or are you serious?”

I told her I was indeed serious. She said, “OK” and put the candle back.

Not sure about the whole cute thing, but at least she can tell when I’m serious!


Take me out to the ball game,



Take me out with the crowd.



Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,



I don’t care if I never get back,



Let me root, root, root for the home team,

If they don’t win it’s a shame.

For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out,




At the old ball game.

Love & Marriage From The Toddler Perspective

Conversation overheard in the car:

Rebekah: When I grow up, I am going to marry a girl!

Zach: No, Rebekaaaah! You can’t marry a girl, you have to marry a boy!

Rebekah: But Zach, I don’t WANT to marry a boy!

Zach: Then you can’t have children.

Rebekah: But I waaant children!

Zachary: Then you have to marry a boy.

Rebekah: Oh, ok. I want to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 children!

Zach: That’s good Rebekah! You can get some of the kids that don’t have mommies and daddies, and some of the ones that Jesus made too!

Rebekah: Zach, when I grow up, I am going to marry a BOY. And then, you will marry me.

Zach: No, Rebekah. I am going to marry someone ELSE. And I am going to ask her, “do you want to get married to me?” {giggle}

My thoughts:
1. I don’t understand the obsession lately with talking about marriage and kids. Thought we had at least a decade before this subject came up?!
2. I don’t know when my kids started using the word “children”. But it sounds hilarious – especially when the 2 year old is saying it.
3. For all the conviction Rebekah displayed over wanting to marry a girl, she sure abandoned it quickly.
4. I have no desire to have 14 grandchildren – that is way too many names and birthdays to keep track of in my old age.
5. Note to self: explain to Zach that kids with no mommies and daddies WERE created by Jesus – they did not spontaneously appear on Earth.
6. Rebekah’s idea of who marries who could be a new hit show on The Learning Channel.
7. We need to work with Zach on his proposal delivery – but I think we have time. 🙂

P.S. If you haven’t already, please check out my new page on fundraising for our adoption. We need your help!

Definition of “Cute”

Even though Zach has a younger sister, he was only two years old when she was born – so he was too young to remember most of her “baby days”. So it’s fun to see Zach’s impression of babies now that he’s four.

Yesterday evening, we went on a walk, and stopped by a new neighbor to introduce ourselves. They have a 5-month-old baby girl, and she was flashing every type of smile at Zach and Rebekah. Zach was getting a total kick out of the fact that she was smiling at him. Then he said, “Oh! Your baby’s face is dripping!” – otherwise known as drooling. It cracked us up.

Once we left and were walking back home, the following conversation took place:

Zach: I wish I could have a little baby like that one.
Me: Zach, you did have a little baby – remember Rebekah used to be a baby just like that.
Zach: Yeah, but Rebekah isn’t cute anymore.
Rebekah: Yes I am cute, Zach! (She was pretty annoyed)
Zach: Rebekaaaah, you’re not that kind of cute. (He used his lecturing voice)
Tyler: ~laughing~

At least we know Zach has a way with the ladies. 🙂


Zach’s Mouth

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you KNEW your purpose – everything was clear?

Zach had a moment like that recently. Although I’m sure he won’t recall it as very pivotal in his life.

The kids were arguing in the backseat again (this is becoming a very repetitive beginning to all my stories. Huh.) and here is what I heard:

Rebekah: “Zachary, you DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!”

Zachary: “Yes I do talk to you – give me my airplane. I want it!”

Rebekah: “No! Do not speak to me!”

Zachary: “Yes, baby sister, JESUS GAVE ME MY MOUTH so that I can tell you to GIVE ME MY AIRPLANE!”

Had it not been for the Lord’s provision in giving Zach a mouth, he would not have been able to demand his airplane back from his little sister.

The reasoning worked though – Rebekah handed over the airplane. I think she may have been in awe.

Potty Talk

Having a two year old and a four year old means that I engage in a lot of potty talk.

Rebekah is in the celebratory phase of being potty trained – each trip to the bathroom is a victory to savor. We clap, we give candy or chocolate, and we praise her over and over again. Saturday night, we were at a very nice restaurant for an early Mother’s Day dinner. After taking Rebekah to the ladies room, we returned to the table. Before I could sit down, Rebekah yelled with pure joy, “I went pee pee and poo poo!” It’s amazing how quickly my parents’ heads went down near their plates…slightly embarrassing to say the least.


Zach is older, but he is busy finding the joy in being a boy. We were in the front yard with the kids, and Zach announced that he needed to go potty. He asked if he could pee in the grass. Tyler told him that wasn’t a good idea because someone could be watching. Zach said, “Who? An ant?” Tyler laughed, and then found a semi-private area of the yard to let Zach pee. After all, every boy should be able to pee in the yard once in awhile, right? Right. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later that Zach announced that he needed to poop, and asked if he could do that in the yard as well.


Ignoring Your Sibling

There are days that Rebekah drives Zach crazy. There are also days that Zach drives Rebekah crazy. It all evens out.

But lately, when Zach gets angry over something Rebekah says or does, we tell him to ignore her – because, after all, no reaction will usually discourage the provoker.

We haven’t really told Rebekah to ignore Zach though, because we thought she’s too young to really understand what that means.

Yesterday, while driving, I hear a fight start in the backseat. Zach was trying to tell me something, and Rebekah started talking to me at the same time. Zach immediately flipped out, yelling at Rebekah to stop talking because “I am talking to mommy! Not you!”

Rebekah answered back quickly with her most stern “No, Zachary!”. But then she added something I was not prepared for:

“Zachary, just ig-nore me!

Zach was so annoyed at this point that he just told her no.

So Rebekah continues by tattling on him: “Mommy, Zach won’t ignore me!”

So I wrap up the drive with a lecture about how Zach doesn’t have to ignore her if he doesn’t want to, but ignoring her wouldn’t be a bad idea since she’s bothering him, but he doesn’t have to just because she told him to.

I think my husband summed it up best: “Rebekah, just ignore Zach’s refusal to ignore you.”

The things you say as parents. You can’t make this stuff up!