Back To School Prayer Challenge

2/3 of my kids will be starting school one week from Monday. Wow, summer flew by!
And amidst all the chaos of preparing for school, buying school supplies, anticipating a new routine, and making sure clothes still fit, it hit me today that it would be a VERY good idea to put in some prayer time for the upcoming year.

My oldest is starting second grade. I’ve been hoping that he will be as focused this year as he was last year, even after the newness of school wears off.

My sweet girl is starting kindergarten…and she doesn’t seem old enough at ALL! Actually, she’s more than ready, she just doesn’t LOOK old enough. 😉 And I find myself hoping she’ll find good friends, and that her teacher will help her LOVE school.

I can hope all I want, but it would be better to place these hopes (and the worries) at the Lord’s feet. So I’m going to try to do a 7-day Back To School Prayer Challenge next week. It will start on Monday, August 11th, and end on Sunday, August 17th. If you’d like to follow along as a way to help pray for your kids’ school year, I’d love to have the company!

You can even help me as I put it together by answering a question for me:

What is one hope you have for your child for the 2014-15 school year? Are you hoping he’ll find a best friend? Are you hoping she’ll enjoy reading more? Are you hoping there will be less fighting over homework? Give me one hope! Thanks!




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