Dear Daniel,

Today (January 11th), is your birthday. It’s hard to believe you are three already! We’ve watched you grow through pictures, and progress reports. The latest report describes you as having broad shoulders, a chubby belly, and that you are all boy. 🙂 They say you are shy around strangers…and I remind myself to expect you to be shy when we meet you.

Daniel, I know you don’t know us yet. But we have been loving you from thousands of miles away for many months. We are waiting for the day we get to meet you in person…and the day we get to bring you home to our family. Your brother and sister talk about you all the time – they even have “gifts” wrapped up for you (some of their toys they think you’ll like). Your daddy prays for you each night. Your bed is made, clothes folded and put in the dresser.

All that is missing is you.

I wish with all my heart that you were celebrating your 3rd birthday with us, but I promise that this coming year will be full of celebrations – including your Gotcha day. We can’t wait, sweet boy.

In the meantime, keep growing, learning and loving others. But don’t grow too quickly – we know all too well how quickly time passes, and we want as much time with you as we can get. We’ll be there soon, Daniel! Happy birthday.

We love you,
Mom (and dad, Zach & Bekah)


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